Visual. Measurable.
Web-based data visualization, analytics & reporting studio.

Quick & Easy.
Load the data, build the story &
make the decision.
Mash up data from multiple data sources
onto an array of modern & interactive visualisations
Use Infoveave™ with domain specific data sources, KPIs & visualisations to
Optimize costs
Enhance efficiency
Increase productivity
Improve business performance
a smarter decision making organisation.
Information discovery
Data architecture
Insightful visualisations
CXO Dashboards & Reports
What-if & Predictive analysis
Forecasts, Thresholds & Alerts
Big Data analysis
Data transformation
Actionable information at your fingertips
Consolidated & consistent view of information.
Powerful, intuitive & responsive.
Our clients appreciate the ability to generate sophisticated statistical models
Infoveave is our go-to solution for business intelligence and analytics.
and dashboard displays for very large datasets.
The tool is easy to use and extremely fast;
users can generate custom analyses in a few simple steps.
Stacey Berlow, Managing Partner, Project Balance

Infoveave is a web based Analytics, Data Visualisation and

Reporting platform that helps business understand data to

effectively measure & manage business performance.



07 Apr 2015

Implementation of analytics & BI tools into your business has never been this easy. Empower your business functions with BI in just a few steps. Infoveave™ comes with multiple industry packs with pre-configured KPIs and metrics. Select a pack and map your data to feel the power of BI.

07 Apr 2015

It is indeed challenging to strive for continuous improvement in the dynamically changing & evolving global market. With Infoveave™’s extremely customizable, secure & user-friendly platform, efforts can now be channelized to improve and outperform your organizational goals.

07 Apr 2015

Business achievements is now within reach. With Infoveave™’s feature-rich and user-friendly analytical platform, delve into historical data and uncover past trends and critical business event occurrences. Enhance your decision-making capabilities by using predictive analysis.

07 Apr 2015

Reap the benefits with fast, reliable & accurate data analysis, forecasts & benchmarks that will be a game changer for your organization and make it easier to achieve goals. Take timely action on alerts triggered by observed variances. Annotate and share data with stakeholders.