Informative Dashboards

Dashboards help aggregate disparate data sources onto a common platform to enable better data analysis.  Infoveave™ allows for personalization of dashboards in your local language and focus on preferred views and widgets. It enables deep dive analysis with the ability to view metrics at a high level of granularity, facilitating better engagement with the target audience.

Intuitive Analytics

Reduce the complexity of analytics with our intuitive business-ready widgets. Know your top-selling products, revenue from existing, new and returning customers, percentage of totals, items that represent 80% of variance, MTD, QTD, YTD numbers, periodic growth and much more. Infoveave™’s Workbench has tools such as Pivots, Predictive and WhatIf Analysis that better deciphers your business performance.

Insightful Visualization

Give stakeholders a new perspective to learn how your business is performing by using rich and varied visualizations. Infoveave™ is integrated with an infographic designer that allows you to combine text, images and data visualization to create meaningful and insightful infographics. Publish infographics on websites and social media with periodically updated data to enhance consumer experience.

Self Service and Flexible

Infoveave™’s biggest USP is its ability to analyze out-of-the-box data quickly. Industry-specific KPI packs enable quick adoption and personalize your widgets and dashboards. Share data like never before. Armed with context sensitive help, tours and wizards, Infoveave™ allows you to manage information with limited technical know-how. Export data to other systems to integrate with workflow requirements that businesses demand.

Data Management

Infoveave™ pulls data from formats like Excel, tsv, csv, JSON, relational, NOSQL and OLAP stores. It integrates well with common open source applications such as Magento, SugarCRM, Google Analytics, NopCommerce, Moodle and Chamilo through custom adapters to enable users a quick start. Infoveave™ gathers data from disparate sources onto a common dashboard, allowing you to correlate information on common dimensions and attributes.

Secured Access

Infoveave™ has undergone rapid evolution keeping in mind data security and administration. Data being fed into and delivered through the platform is controlled by role and context-based access security. High-level data encryption at the back-end prevents data theft from unwanted or malicious users. Infoveave™ provides businesses a single sign-in with other applications or readily integrate with an organization’s LDAP or Active Directory.


Alerts and Workflow

Built on powerful algorithms, Infoveave™ performs complex what-if analysis through accurate data discovery. Infoveave™’s engine correlates metrics for enhanced predictive analysis, giving you insightful information to anticipate outcomes, identify owners for KPIs and track performance. You can integrate most applications with Infoveave™ and set alerts for variances on pre-set parameters.

Responsive and Mobile

Access Infoveave™ from smart devices like smart phones, tablets or smart TVs. The interactive UI enables ease of usage with the flexibility to connect to the platform from virtually anywhere and most importantly, with no effect on performance. The visual experience of the platform on any smart device is as mesmerizing as it is on a desktop or laptop. The reports and dashboards are designed to fit on any screen size.

Enhanced Reporting

Infoveave™ makes reporting easy due to its integration with MS Office, allowing you to push data and visualizations to PowerPoint, Word or Excel templates that suit your needs. Email information through Infoveave™’s MS Outlook integration. Upload designed reports and schedule them through a seamless, easy-to-use interface. Automatically update data before sending reports to stakeholders.